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The 30-year-old wardrobe stylist began her career in fashion design in Virginia where, after college, she began styling local artists at events.What was the conversation with him after that particular photoshoot?I saw beauty and femininity and other people might feel sorry for them.'Most of the ones I knew were girls who had polio because I was of the first generation that had polio vaccines.

It was something I just started doing when I was very young.

Emily meets Leah Caprice, and adult performer who has been wheelchair bound since breaking her back.

Leah started making videos on her laptop while she was still in hospital as she didn't want her disability to change her career 'They like to watch the struggle, which is a bit sick to think of but that's one bit of feedback I've had.

I told you this was gonna happen.” There were some moments where it seemed like the producers set you up, like when they brought Somaya in, in the beginning but didn’t tell you.

Somaya comes across as a sweet girl and every time she talked to me it was all love.

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I'd rather have secure and acurate than cheap and (sometimes) a little more speed.

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