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Hahaha 30th May 2017 Value Could do a lot worse when buying a standard blend, very good value for money. The bottle looks cheap and nasty and I think that s half the problem, because people who think they know whisky (but don t) immediately label it as cheap tat.Previously I had bought a bottle of Grouse, which was perfect.He asked for a splash of lemonade and was told, If you want lemonade, you can have the Bells.It s Bells, it s a very good blended whisky and has been for many years and is standard supply in every pub in Scotland.Ive sent and received over 800 messages and seems Ive found my first real love there. Its ALL about promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! I am 100% certain this site is for the benefit of female scammers from Ukraine and Russia.This website is collecting your personal information - probably to use themselves or for resale to other websites - promoting Russian and Ukranian women!! I have met some of them and it is all about what she can scam from you.

20th March 2015 Awful stuff I bought some because it was cheap. I will try it with ginger ale but I doubt I will buy it again.

11th August 2017 It s okay It s an okay, cheap whisky.

Not good but definety drinkable with a couple of rocks.

Some of them are not obvious and others just want to get you on the hook for an all paid vacation and sbopping.

Most of them don't even look like their profile photos.

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28th August 2014 Good value budget blend Refined for a budget whisky- you can taste the 8 year minimum in the smoothness- Whisper of Islay smoke- Thoughtful blend, subtly complex for the money- The tickly nose made me sneeze and it just was part of the fun.

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